Back to the Grind.

Starting the work week on a Wednesday this week. Feeling a little discombobulated.

It was great to get away and I certainly have no regrets taking a couple days to help celebrate the kid’s birthday. Surprisingly, I feel like my batteries did get a little recharge, in spite of all the driving and poor sleep in the hotel. Today is actually the best I’ve felt since catching the Plague a month ago, so I’ve got that going for me!

Nothing terribly exciting to share today. I’m going through my backlogged stack of books to decide what to read next and I have a few shows coming up in March, so there will be more reviews forthcoming over the next few weeks.

Trying to get “caught up” is a never-ending task when more comes down the line daily, regardless of what is already on the docket. It ain’t dull, I’ll tell you that!

I feel ya, Calvin!

Until next time, it’s back to the grind!

Thanks for reading!

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