I tried, I really tried. I simply couldn’t get all the way through Biden’s “state of the union” speech.

Sloganeering, passing the buck, avoidance…it was all there, front and center.

I try to stay out of the political fray, as there are many others much more devoted to the subject but I do try to stay “informed”… Even that is painful these days.

Listening to Biden is excruciating. I try to avoid him speaking as much as possible because frankly it’s demoralizing, but this annual event is supposed to be a big deal. And they pushed it back immensely, from January to March, so I figured they must really want him to come out swinging. Uh, no. It was blather, and self congratulations and honestly just an embarrassment.

That about covers the SOTU last night.

I’m no longer a religious man, but God help us… I can’t imagine how we’re going to make it to ’24 with this administration. And for what it’s worth, I WAS a registered Dem for 20+ years… My disgust isn’t partisan, it’s simply based on competency and what I’m seeing all around me with my own “lying eyes”.

I should have known, with the media slathering praise upon him all week prior, the mask mandates “suddenly” coming down and the disingenuous push that our economic problems here at home are because of Russia. Lolz! When every media lap dog is on your side and you STILL come off as a lying buffoon? Not exactly inspiring.


Well, if nothing else we can now put that clown show behind us. A little more worried, a little less confident (which I didn’t think was possible!) and less hopeful, but life marches on!

I’m going to try to make”my world” a little better, and ignore the “rulers”. They haven’t done diddly for us in a long time anyway. I think I’ll just do my best to ignore them for the next 3 years. Not like they are telling the truth about anything anyway.

Tomorrow is a new day. Let’s all try to make it a better one, even when “they” tell us it’s all going to hell in a handbasket.

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “SOTU? STFU…”

  1. I quickly turn the channel ( long ago, the newspaper page ) whenever a politician blathers on. Everything is BS, so why listen? As if they might slip up and tell the truth? I’ve been politics free for over twenty years ( as much as possible ) and my quality of life is better for it ( not that they aren’t trying to screw up what little I have left ). Also, I hate all political parties equally ( even LiberTardians ). Orange Man, Black Jesus, all scum. Netflix is perfect for those times all the over the air channels are full of the speeches ( the bastards preempted Jeopardy last week! ). Well, I’m babbling. Keep up the good work.

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