A Whole Lotta Nothin’…

Came home Thursday after work feeling “not quite right”. A horrible night of sleep followed, waking up Friday to a fever, chills, the whole nine yeards. It became evident quickly that I was in no condition to go to work, and I had to call out again. I couldn’t believe it happened so shortly after my episode with the Plague back in January. Thankfully it was just the flu this time around, according to 2 negative covid tests.

The long and short of it is that I was completely out of it for the last 3 days, and still not doing great, though the fever has finally settled somewhat.

A whole lotta nothing accomplished this weekend. This is getting old… Hoping the coming week is a vast improvement. Not being sick for several years then getting really sick twice in less than 60 days has me a little paranoid. Let’s hope its just a seasonal thing and we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled program. Got several events planned this month, don’t need anymore health nonsense keeping us away from real life!

Have a good week all!

2 thoughts on “A Whole Lotta Nothin’…”

  1. It’s easy to be paranoid, but look at the bright side. They have stopped trying to kill us with The Vaxx so they can demonize Evil Vodka Man full time. No, I’d bet you just wore yourself down to lower immunity with the last sickness. After the stomach flu kicked my ass, not long after I have another bad tooth to occupy several weeks ( I’m sure ). Had to have been stress, nothing else makes sense. And I’d call the general level of Oh Crapness high stress about at 2007 levels ( or any time during Obama’s reign- ha! )

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    1. True, my stress levels have been at “11” for about 20 months now. That’s GOT to take its toll on the body. Thankfully the fever is finally gone and I’m back to the office today. Ok, I’m not thankful about being in the office TBH, but super happy to not feel like the Walking Dead for a change!


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