Happy Birthday: Chaka Khan

Born this day, 1953 in good ol’ Chicago, IL. She’s a lady, so Im not gonna write her age, you can do the math if you’re so inclined.

Full disclosure, I was not “allowed” to listen to this type of music as a kid, as anything appealing to the ear was most certainly the work of the Devil… Nonetheless I would sneak the AM radio into the backyard and have my mind blown regularly. If I was really lucky, I might catch some American Bandstand or Soul Train and really get turned on to the musical world outside the perpetually parentally guarded bubble of safety.

A whole new world for this kid…

Now, I was only about 6 or 7 years old when Rufus and Chaka Khan hit, and I was VERY “sheltered”, so this was like an alien life form to me. Nevertheless, it made an impression on my young soul.

One of a kind!

Her career would span decades, and she would become known as “The Queen of Funk”. She went on to sell over 70 million albums and she racked up 10 Grammy awards along the way. Not too shabby!

That kind of longevity doesn’t happen by accident, that is what true talent and hard work gets you.

Chaka, feelin’ it!

Happy Birthday Ms. Chaka Khan! Thanks for all the inspiration and all the fun times on the dance floor! Best wishes to you!

Thanks for reading!

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