A Day in the Park

After missing the festivities for the last few years, today the Mrs. and I ventured out to Kelly Park in San Jose for the 37th Annual VVCA (Vintage Volkswagen Club of America) Spring Meet, and what a great show!

I’ve been mad about VWs, since long before I could drive. My first car was a 1973 VW type III Squareback, later I had a Superbeetle and a ’71 type II bus. The first and only new car I ever purchased was a watercooled VW golf in 1990. So you could say my relationship with, and love for, VWs goes way, way back! I haven’t had one for a while now, but the craving never really leaves. After today the craving for a new aircooled plaything is especially strong!

Today we lucked out and had beautiful Spring weather and an awesome turnout of vintage German automobiles with some great restorations and even more custom, creative rides.

Here are a few highlights:

Gorgeous Single-cab Type II
One of the finest Things I’ve seen in a long time.
Very clean and modern look on this Bug
This Ghia was the Mrs.’ favorite car of the day. Simple and beautiful.
Ultra rare right hand drive Notchback. The first one I’ve ever seen in person…
A stunning interior
This pretty thing wasn’t quite finished and the pic doesn’t do it justice, she was truly dazzling in person

My thanks to the sponsors and the fine folks running the meet, we had a great time and look forward to the 38th annual!

Thanks for stopping by!

2 thoughts on “A Day in the Park”

  1. Ah, VW’s. I had a Bus, cost me a whole one months wages late 80’s. Before they all started being treated as collectors items. It took a crap as soon as I put the first unleaded into it after leaded was outlawed. Last affordable car. Nostalgia blows.


    1. True, unleaded fuels did a number on these machines back when they switched over, but nowadays the (rebuilt) engines are designed for it, so that is mostly a problem of days gone by. You can’t discount the concept though of a “people’s car” – anyone with a small set of hand tools and the ability to read could keep these things humming a long time. No special training or equipment required!When I look under the hood of a modern car, about all I recognize is the engine block and the radiator, everything else is a mystery! I think computers and corporate lawyers ruined cars (just like everything else!)


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