Flashback Friday: Deja vu edition

I first heard this song my Freshman year of high school and it resonated with me immediately.  It was the era of the Reagan/Bush years, the Cold War, iran-contra, the moral majority, holes in the ozone layer…  To say the least, I felt the future was beyond uncertain and my distrust in “the powers that be” – whether gov’t or religion began to take root.

Some 40 years later, those roots have become a mighty tree and the lyrics of this song ring more true than ever.  Sadly… 

Not that I was ever naive enough to think “rock and roll can change the world, man!” but you’d think if this stuff was so obvious 40 years ago we’d have fixed at least something by now. Alas, we’re still being taken for fools.

Anyhow, I’ve had a dark cloud hanging over me all week and this tune just seemed to fit. My apologies for the gloomy nature. I’m heading to the coast to clear out the sludge.

Enjoy the weekend everybody!

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