Some good advice…

I saw this comment recently in a drum forum I frequent,  and it really struck a chord with me…

<QUOTE>The best definition of anxiety I ever heard was, “Anxiety is starting rumors about yourself in your own head, and believing them.” Don’t listen to that lying asshole who lives in your skull. He’s a dick. He’s always trying to ruin your fun and deprive you of anything good with his bullshit. I’ve got one of those living in my own skull myself. What an asshole.<END QUOTE>

I’ve most certainly had my run-ins with anxiety over the years.  Sometimes it was near debilitating.   Sometimes it’s just enough to make you act like a jerk towards people that don’t deserve it, or make stupid, rash decisions that make matters worse, sooner or later. 

I have yet to find a circumstance in which anxiety produced positive results.

What’s worse, just as the commenter suggests, it’s all in YOUR head.  We do it to ourselves. 

Clearly, I don’t have any answers to combat this as it’s a condition I’m all too familiar with, but the next time it flares up I’m going to do my best to remember this sage (if off-colour) advice.  I suggest you do the same, should you find yourself in a state of anxiety.   It just might work!

Thanks for reading!

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