LMAO:Anthony Jeselnik at the Improv San Jose

Alllrighty then, it’s been a while since the last update, but we managed to get out Thursday night for some great laughs in San Jose.

Anthony Jeselnik has been doing comedy for 20 years now, but he’s not exactly a household name. I myself just heard about him in the last couple years, in fact. But he SHOULD be wildly famous for his act. The man is hysterically funny! That is, if you like “dark” humor. And we (my family) absolutely do!

His opening acts were forgetful, so much in fact I can’t recall their names. The show opener did have one funny bit about her day job as a teacher for inmates in a correctional facility, but other than that it was m’eh. The featured comic up next was another lady whose name I forget, and her act just kinda fell flat. One punchline elicited a smile from me, but honestly I don’t think I laughed once during her set. It was a heavy dose of ‘cringe’ as the kids say…

After the dull second act, I was really anxious for some laughs, and boy did Jeselnik deliver! I was laughing so hard at times it was hard to catch my breath!

His writing is really clever and his punchlines are so unexpected, it’s really something to behold. Like I said, his comedy is dark, ‘gallows humor’, and is most definitely NOT for everyone. Avoid him if you’re easily offended, or you think comedians should censor themselves and maintain political correctness. If you think political correctness and comedy is a match made in the deepest pits of hell, then Anthony Jeselnik may be the comedian for you!

In all, it was a super fun night, great to get out with the Mrs. and our daughter and her bf. Lots of laughs all around!

Jeselnik is on tour right now, if you have the opportunity I HIGHLY RECOMMEND his show!

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