Friday Flashback! Reminiscing…

After a short break on drumming due to *life getting in the way, I’m getting back into the groove (no pun intended) ‘cuz I have an audition coming up next week. More on that later, maybe.

Anyhow, when I practice by myself, I typically pull up one of two playlists on Spotify that I curated specifically to drum to, pop the in-ear monitors on and let ‘er rip.

I’ve got some studio time this weekend to practice prior to the audition and decided it’s time for a new playlist for inspiration.

The band I’m going to play with is a cover band doing old-school R&B, funk, disco…you know, the typical wedding reception band. So in anticipation of that vibe, today’s Flashback Friday is the Reminiscing edition, going back to the tunes I was hearing as a kid on the ol’ AM transistor radio. Enjoy!

To be perfectly honest, as a drummer these are not exactly exciting songs. But strictly as a fan of music, you cannot deny the appeal, and longevity of the old-school groove!

Have a great weekend everybody! And thanks for stopping by!

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