Product/Brand Review:  WOOLX

Anyone that truly knows me, knows I’m a fiend for wool.

It all started back in the 1980s with a hand-me-down Pendelton wool overshirt.  I don’t know how old it was when I got it, but that shirt accompanied me on countless camping trips, surf outings and ski weekends.  Not to mention many a cold day when I was working in the trades and spending my time in frigid shops and unfinished buildings.  I actually held onto that shirt until late last year, when it finally went to the Goodwill.   It’s still perfectly serviceable, but I’m a lot bigger now than I was when I got it, so it really didn’t work as an OVERshirt for me anymore.  For over roughly 35 YEARS that shirt served me well.

Since that first Pendleton,  I’ve been an unabashed fan of anything and everything wool.  Shirts, suits, coats, sweaters, socks, hats, gloves, blankets and now…boxer shorts!  What?!?!

Enter WOOLX.  I found them by chance, during last Christmas’ shopping season.

I was intrigued to say the least at the idea of wool boxers, but skeptical.   Especially when I saw the price.  But, throwing caution to the wind, I decided to purchase a single pair of boxers.

All I can say upon initial receipt of the garment, is that I was even more skeptical.   The material was thinner than any wool product I’d ever seen, and the texture was extremely smooth.  Frankly, it didn’t “feel” like wool.

So, I put them through the wash (yes, they are machine washable!) and took them for a test drive for a full day at work.  My impression after the first day of wear?  AWESOME!!  Seriously,  the most comfortable boxers I’ve ever worn, by far.  Nothing else has even come close.

After my first order, they sent me a discount code for my next order, so I got 2 more right away.  Then I got another one.

Now, I’m completely spoiled and ONLY want to wear WOOLX boxers!  Before my trip, I tried to order 2 more but sadly (though not surprisingly) they were sold out.

Last night I discovered that they had them back in stock, so I pulled the trigger on two more.  Huzzah!!

Cheers to Wool!!!

Now to be perfectly honest,  I feel the cost of these is outrageous.   But the company has a good habit of sending out discount codes, so if you’re patient you can get a “deal” on them, though even then they are mighty pricey.

Frankly it’s too early to tell, but I’m HOPING that I get the same results from these that I have with my other wool products.   In other words, that the high cost of the initial purchase is mitigated by the garment’s longevity.  Only time will tell, but regardless I think the comfort factor cannot be underestimated.   My ONLY “problem” with them is that they have the brand name woven into the waistband.  I understand that pretty much EVERYONE does this now,  which I despise, so I’m not holding it against them, but if I had my wish, they would lose the logo and make them a solid color.

And for what it’s worth, I was so impressed with my boxers, I bought two pair of wool leggings for the Mrs. from WOOLX, and she loves them as much as I love the boxer shorts.

My suggestion for everyone is to mentally prepare yourself for sticker shock, then head over to and pick something out to try.  Aside from the beloved boxers and leggings, they’ve got shirts and outerwear and other odds and ends as well.  I’m pretty confident you’ll be glad you did.

And just to we’re clear, I am in  NO WAY WHATSOEVER affiliated with WOOLX.  I have received NO free goods, nor any other compensation for this review.  I’m simply a super-fan of their products!

What a handsome devil!

OK, I guess that pretty much sums it up.  WOOLX makes expensive but AWESOME stuff.  I’ll be a customer for a long, long time if they keep up the great work and the high quality.  

Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “Product/Brand Review:  WOOLX”

  1. Okay, my first question is, are these going to bake my balls? If wool keeps you warm, aren’t these going to toast my testes? And I’m only a little trying to be funny. When I’ve worn any wool sweater or socks, no matter how thin, over about fifty degrees, I warm up to the point of discomfort. Not that I would buy boxers-I’m a Whitey Tightey man as I hate excess fabric bunching and chaffing. But I simply must know. Are these strictly outdoor underwear? These raise more questions than they answer.


    1. That was the same question I had, and truthfully I’ve only have them since December, so I haven’t worn them in blistering heat – tho I did wear them in Hawaii last week, and it was mid-80’s every day. I had ZERO issues overheating.
      I’m one of those people that is always warm to too hot, and although counterintuitive the wool seems to keep things comfortable and dry, even on warm days. I find the same thing with wool socks – you’d think it would be too much for summer, but I wear wool socks everyday, year round. Keeps my feet dry, and no more problems with rashes (evidently I’m allergic to my own sweat!) and no more stank-foot, which was always an issue with cotton on my feet!


      1. Okay, that answers well enough. I get hot over about 65 ( fully acclimated to high desert ), so if you survived mid 80’s, prone to being hot, I guess there is something to all this. I heard about one crazy guy preaching one piece thermals in summer to keep cool, which I thought odd. He might not be so crazy after all.

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