The Jury has been sworn in…

And thanks to the Gods I’m not on it!

This week I was called upon to report to the Superior Court in San Jose to “perform my civic duty”. What a clown show!

I got lucky in that my week happened to be the Labor Day holiday – and you KNOW city/county/state employees DON’T work on holidays, so the week on-call was shortened to 4 days. Usually, in my county at least, they make you call in twice a day for the entire week to see IF you have to report, and this time I did.

Wednesday, I reported in and it was hours of standing in line, waiting, moving to different locations, waiting some more, then an “overview” by the judge, then he addressed the ‘hardship’ cases trying to get excused. End of day one.

Day two, actual jury selection. Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting. Lunch break. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Another break. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Finally about 4:15pm they had the jury installed and sworn in, and the rest of us were let go.

The entire thing left a bad taste in my mouth. But, it also encouraged me to keep staying “out of the system”… no way I want that place as part of my life!

I could go on and on about the dummies, the blowhards, the idiotic public defender, the scum and villains over running the place…

Not my pic, but a pretty good representation of the “people” coming to appear in court…

…the lack of manners, the lack of maturity, the lack of concern for how the citizen’s time and resources are being utilized. But, I’m trying to reduce negativity in my heart and soul, so I’ll just say again, what a clown show. A gross, monotonous clown show. Hope it’s a good long time before I have to do that again!

Have a great weekend everyone. Thanks for stopping by!

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