My state of mind, summed up with memes…

I’m still struggling to stop the carousel of disbelief in my head, trying to make sense of where “civilization” is headed. At my core I’m an optimist, but WOW! It’s like the world has collectively lost it’s mind…

I wish my father had this talk with me…
Without OUR consent, the gov’t ONLY has force as an option.
I do not consent. These jackals do not represent me or anyone I know.
And slandered, ruined, cancelled…
Something they will NEVER teach you in government schools.
Why isn’t this common knowledge? Clearly our “leaders” didn’t get the memo.
Don’t believe it? Compare the US covid lockdowns to the lockdowns in Australia.
Maybe violence isn’t the answer. Until all other options have been exhausted that is. Evil doesn’t simply go away.
I’m not a twit, so I don’t really know if Twitter is still working fine, but I know without doubt that the government ISN’T. I say that gov’t employee reduction is a good place to start.
Yes, I’m angry. But if I were a vet, I’d be seething about now.
It’s always darkest before the dawn, they say…

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