Not much to talk about these days. Not without going off the rails like a loon, that is.

Work has been a drag. Not cuz it’s slow, quite the opposite. No time to reflect or plan, everything is currently “reactionary” because so much is hitting the fan simultaneously. Amongst other things, our company was hit with a “cyber attack” and 6 weeks later we STILL are using workarounds just try to keep everything from going off the rails. The residents are cranky and the staff is worn out. The last month whipped by in a flash, but I feel like it’s been non-stop hamster wheel running…no destination in sight, just go, go, go! Then go do it again tomorrow. Then the next day. And so on and so on…

Music has been slower than slow, and I’m struggling to find kindred souls to play with. This makes it kinda boring, which in turn has me making excuses for not going to the studio (as my bank account slowly dwindles to nothing) and thinking I may shut it down here shortly.

Right now I’m trying to avoid “current events” and the news in general. The level of stupid is off the charts from everything I’m seeing, and most of it just makes my blood boil. Since I’m in control of approximately 0.0000000000% of what is going on in the world, and can do about as much to change it, there is no point in me spending my time getting aggravated over it all.

You’d think you’d get used to being surrounded by crazy people and their insanity, but no… The crazy is perpetual, and yet I’m constantly shocked by the latest version that comes across the interwebs on a daily basis.

The “fun” part of life has been particularly lean lately as well. We had tickets to one show this month, but then ran into schedule issues with an event at the Mrs.’ school (plus mental exhaustion on my part) and just passed on the whole thing.

On the bright side, Spring is here! After the nearly non-stop, newsworthy winter storms we had in California this year, I’m happy for a little sunshine. I’m trying to get enough of a boost from the change in the weather to be inspired to get back to seriousness at the gym so surfing can happen. The water is currently only about 49/50 degrees – which I’ve surfed before, cuz I’m a sucker for punishment – so I’m ok with waiting for a bit better conditions. I surf for fun and for relaxing, bobbing around like an ice cube is neither. Nonetheless, I’m starting to feel a strong pull to get in the ocean.

Soon. Not now, but soon!

So there you have it, the truly boring life of The Boring Old Man on full display…

Hoping May will bring better spirits, and better living. We’ve got two concerts to attend, Mother’s Day is around the corner, beach days are a distinct possibility and it’s a lot easier to drag my butt to the gym when it’s not 35 degrees outside! I’m close to done with another book I’ll have to blab about, got a new record to review whenever I get the opportunity to sit down uninterrupted to listen to it…things are happening in the background, just nothing I felt compelled to put down here.

Generally speaking I’m an optimist, but my optimism tank has been on empty lately, hence my lack of posting. I just thought I’d put this out there so this blog doesn’t turn into another thing I stop caring about.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Spring to you all!

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