Persistence Pays Off!

Just shy of a year ago, I lamented in a post about putting off what you need for so long that the item is no longer available. We’ll, in my case it wasn’t something I needed, just something I really, REALLY wanted.

Well, I’m happy to say that after 50+ weeks of relentless hunting and several strikeouts, I’ve finally obtained my unobtanium guitar!!

Isn’t she gorgeous?!?!

At Christmas I was convinced that I was never, ever gonna get my hands on one of these beauties, and came very, very close to pulling the trigger on an alternate. The thing was, this guitar WAS my alternate in the first place! And I’ve dreamed of owning a guitar like this since about 1982! Anyhow, thankfully I talked myself out of it and just a couple short months later I found THE guitar I wanted – used, but you’d never know by looking at it! And the best part is I picked it up with a factory hard-shell case (a pricey option!) for less than the guitar alone would have cost me a year ago, had they not been discontinued. Small blessings! So yeah, I had to hunt for a year but in the end I saved over $300, not too shabby!

It’s not very often that I’m the recipient of “good luck”, so I’m really relishing this moment.

Now I need to start practicing!

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Oh, Happy Day!

I’ve been waiting for this for a very, very long time and it’s finally here! Left handed Fender “Players” Jazz Bass!


I had a Jazz bass copy a decade or so back, but it was right handed and in a really ugly finish, so in one of those times in life where I needed a little extra to make rent I sold it off cheap on Craigslist.

I’ve wanted a lefty bass forever, and finally bought one a month ago, but when it showed up, it was a lefty body and neck, but strung as a right handed bass. D’oh!

After learning it would cost me more to have it setup back to a lefty by a luthier than a new one would have cost me in the first place, I returned it.

As luck would have it, shortly after I returned the bunk bass, I found this one listed as a demo model, and it only cost me $30 more than the used (and useless!) bass I returned! When it showed up, it was in the factory box, with all the paperwork and it still had all the protective plastic wrap stuff on the tuners and pickups, etc. So yeah, basically a BRAND NEW bass for the price of a used one!

This was the “last piece of the puzzle” I needed for launching my self-produced music in my little home studio, so now it’s time to hole up in there and let the creative juices start flowing!

Feelin’ like a kid on Christmas morning right now!

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