Back to Basics…

This year I’ve determined to make self improvement a key focus.

The Mrs. and I were discussing how “the good life” has been making us soft, both figuratively and literally. In short, we’ve been lazy since the Plague.

One of the things I REALLY dropped the ball on was cooking. Now, the Mrs. is an AWESOME cook and has been since I’ve known her. I learned a lot of valuable lessons watching her over the decades and not too long ago I’d have said I had become a better than average cook. Not amazing, but certainly no slouch.

My last few ventures in the kitchen have been less than stellar. Not inedible, but a bit disappointing and certainly not anything to get excited about.

This morning I decided it was time to get back on my game for better or worse and put together a good old fashioned “All American Breakfast”. The menu consisted of scrambled (organic) eggs with a touch of sharp cheddar cheese, bacon, a strawberry & blueberry yogurt mix with fresh blueberries and organic granola and some buttered “artisinal” toast. We topped it off with mimosas, cuz it was Saturday and we could!

The bacon got away from me as you can see, but otherwise not too shabby!

Gotta keep your skills sharp folks, even something as simple as cooking is a use-it-or-lose-it kinda thing.

But hey, we all gotta start somewhere. Or re-start as the case may be. Bon Appétit!

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100 Days!

April 17th marks 100 days since my first post on this new blog. It’s hard to believe it’s already been 3+ months!

I had low expectations for readership, as I don’t have any social media “presence” (or accounts for that matter!) and I only let a few people know I was doing this. But regardless, this was just something I wanted to do, a small outlet for chronicling my life, sharing some things I enjoy and yes, blowing off steam from time to time.

Unlike my last two blogs, I’m actually having fun with this one and have been pleasantly surprised at the “traffic” I’ve drummed up thus far.

I recognize that I’m not exactly a “writer”, nor do I hold any impressive credentials that make me worth listening to. Nevertheless, I appreciate the fact that so many folks have stopped by for a read. I hope my efforts have put a smile on your face, or turned you on to some new music or books, or just gave you a little kernel of something worthwhile to think about.

As of this morning, I’ve put up 55 posts and my site has received 158 visitors and 271 page views! I’ve got a handful of followers and some have even left a few comments! Sure, this is peanuts compared to establishing blogs, but these numbers exceeded my expectations, by a long shot!

So, a big, BIG thank you, to each and every one of you that have stopped by. I truly appreciate you sharing some of your precious time here at my hangout.

With Spring and Summer right around the corner, I expect a lot of good stuff to share with y’all, so I hope to see you back here from time to time!

Thanks for reading!


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