Road Trip!  Los Angeles/Hollywood, CA

Into the heart of Darkness…

Unlike the late Randy Newman, I do NOT love LA.  It’s been a few years since I’ve been here, and I was in no hurry to return but one of  those “once in a lifetime” things popped up, and here we are!

Our lodging for the next couple nights…

The trip took us roughly 5.5 hours, not too shabby!  On the way we made a pit-stop for fuel and restroom facilities and found an Arby’s,  so we had to stop there too.  Say what you will about Arby’s… People seem to love ’em or hate ’em, but we love their sandwiches.   All their locations in our neck of the woods have closed down, so this was our first time in one for years and we were quite happy with our decision to stop in!

We checked into the Roosevelt Hotel,  which has quite the history: the first Academy Awards were held here, Marilyn Monroe lived here for some time…many Hollywood legends have stayed here over the decades.  Some say a few are still here, haunting the joint but so far we’ve seen nothing unusual.

The view from our room…

Today we’re just gonna kick about and do some touristy stuff until it’s time to get ready for tonight’s event.  More on that later…  For now, we’re gonna take our daughter to see the Hollywood  Walk of Fame stars and the Chinese Theater with all the famous people’s handprints and what not…  But first, breakfast!

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Road Trip! Gold Beach, OR.

Today we ventured further north to Gold Beach, Oregon. The town is small and not unlike many other sea-side towns, but we’ve been enjoying it very much.

The view from our room.

After checking in to our spot for the night, we actually took to the road again, driving up as far as Port Orford, OR, just for the heck of it, to see what’s what.

Today is out actual anniversary – 31 years ago today, we tied the knot – so today is the day we spoil ourselves. Very swanky accommodations, unbelievable high end dinner (so good, words fail me) and just cruisin’ around enjoying each other. There are much worse ways to spend the day, let me tell you!

Tomorrow we’ll goof off a bit, then we’ve got a long haul ahead of us to get home. Sadly, both of us have to work in the morning (and I, this weekend also).

Oregon has been delightful, it most certainly won’t be another 40 years before we return!

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Road Trip! Brookings, OR.

This is a trip looooooong overdue! I haven’t been to Oregon in roughly 4 decades, but it’s a place that I’ve held a strong fondness for since the last time I was here. The Mrs. had NEVER been to Oregon, but finally we’ve made it, and it couldn’t be more breathtaking!

Gorgeous, just gorgeous.

We’re staying at a wonderful Bed and Breakfast, right on he water, for a couple days, then heading slightly further North tomorrow.

So far, it’s pretty much been perfect. The weather, the beach, the inn…honestly couldn’t be more content right now.

The waves have not been conducive to surfing, but I don’t mind in the least. It’s been a minute since I’ve been this relaxed, and I’m just gonna soak it in!

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Road Trip! Trinidad, CA.

This week the Mrs. and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary, and we decided to go somewhere we’ve never been just for the adventure of it. Our first stop, Trinidad, California is roughly 6 hrs north of home, so not too bad of a haul to get there.

We got a late start, and it was well past sundown when we arrived, so we didn’t get to see much of anything upon arrival. However, we were greeted by an astounding chorus of sea lions hooting and hollering from the shores below.

As it turns out, that was kinda the highlight of our stay.

Foggy but gorgeous here.

The area is stunning and if we had time to dilly-dally, there were several places worth exploring but this was just a layover…

On to our next stop. To be continued…

Road Trip: Manresa State Beach

The Mrs. and I woke up and realized we didn’t have anything pressing, so we threw some cold drinks, some mixed nuts and beef jerky in a cooler and hit the road to the coast.

We didn’t have a specific destination in mind, we kinda let traffic lead our decision making, and we ended up at Manresa State Beach in La Selva Beach, CA – about 20 minutes south of Santa Cruz.

Manresa was one of my haunts as a teen, first learning to surf. Later it was a family favorite where we often took our daughter. But today was the first time back there in a dozen years at least.

It was a little overcast when we first got there, but it burned off by 11:30, and was just gorgeous after then, a perfect day at the beach!

I’m inclined to head back tomorrow with my board, for old time’s sake…

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Road Trip! Home Away from Home…

The Mrs. and I took off for a couple nights.  We didn’t want to spend too much time traveling, so it was back to Half Moon Bay, our home away from home.

The weather was overcast, a little chilly and windy which is perfect as it keeps the crowds at bay.

Aside from soaking in the delightful crashing of the waves, we also took a spin down the coast to Pescadero to visit one of our favorite places; Harley Farms.

Peace and quiet, a deserted beach AND goats?  What more could you ask for in a weekend getaway?

We came back Sunday, Mother’s Day, and spent the evening with our girl, and went to a really nice dinner in Saratoga.  The perfect ending to a pretty much perfect weekend.

Just what the doctor ordered.

Now, back to the grind!

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