Concert Review: Yungblud at the Warfield Theater, S.F. Sort of…

Ok, so this concert choice was on impulse. At the time we decided to get tickets I was only familiar with exactly ONE song by Yungblud, “21st Century Liability”, which grabbed me by the brainstem and wouldn’t relent.

Then we come to find out that our daughter was headed to Nashville unexpectedly, leaving the same day as the show. That’s a bummer for us, as concerts are our family thing. 90% of the shows we attend are all 3 of us. Nevertheless, the Mrs. and I decide to soldier on and hit it as a couple.

The week leading up to the show I figured I should familiarize myself with more of his work, so I’d have something to compare the live show with.

Man, I kinda wish I hadn’t done that. I’ll put it this way, the one song of his I knew and loved is nothing like any of his other music. Much to my dismay, the bulk of his discography consists of whiny, emo-tinged “alt-rock”, a style of which I am not a fan.

The idea of driving an hour+ (to Slum Francisco, no less), after a full work day then staying up “too late” and then driving the hour back at midnight to see someone that I was suddenly not all that thrilled to see was daunting. Though the idea of getting back to the Warfield was exciting to me. That theater holds a very special place in my heart. Some of the earliest shows I attended were at the Warfield, they used to be the only game in town for those weird “New Wave” bands back in the 1980s that nobody mainstream would book.

There are 3 opening acts for the main show – poutyface, Palaya Royale and UPSAHL. The only one I was familiar with is UPSAHL, who I like. I did check out some of the tunes for the other two acts, and figured “what the hell, might as well go…” My expectations were low. VERY low. But sometimes you get a pleasant surprise…

Then about 3pm I got a call from the Mrs. She’s at home, sick. Ugh. We simply cannot seem to catch a break health-wise this year.

So not exactly a pleasant surprise, just a surprise. This is the 3rd show so far this year that we had tix for and missed at the last minute due to uncooperative health.

This has never, and I do mean never happened in the past. I’ve got alarm bells screaming in my head…after 2 years being hidden behind a mask and a double dose of “vaccine”, I’ve never had the health issues we’re seeing now. The Mrs. has a less robust immunity than I, but she’s been sick more in the last year than in the last 10 years combined. Not sure what to make of that…

On the bright side, I don’t have a long round-trip drive tonight, I will get to bed at an hour that won’t screw up my Friday at work, and I’ll save 50 bucks in gas. ( That is not hyperbole, that’s what it cost me last weekend to go to the K. Flay show. And it was worth every penny and more!)

Tending to a sick wife is sure to be less fun than a concert, but if we had to miss (another) one, I’m kinda glad it was this one.

Though I’m DYING to get back to the Warfield…

Best of luck to all the artists hitting the stage tonight, break some legs!

Thanks for reading!

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