Ahh, youth!

I received this picture yesterday from one of my oldest and dearest friends…

The Three Amigos!

I recognized the time and place immediately: 8th grade graduation night, Roger’s Middle School, June 1982.

It’s me. It’s always me…

On the left is Joel “Magic” Johnson, who in this pic was already a world renowned RC car racer (in 8th grade FFS!!), and would become a legend in the field.

On the right is Patrick, AKA Pablo, AKA Apple Pie Boy or APB for short. In summation, the most self-determined and authentic person I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. And on top of that, he’s just great at everything, whether it’s surfing or playing music, academic stuff…the guy just excels at life.

In the middle is yours truly, a 40 year younger Boring Old Man.

The three of us were inseparable back then. We didn’t have EVERYTHING in common, but there was so much overlap between the three of us, the few minor differences didn’t matter at all.

We came up together and went through a lot of “firsts” together, learning to drive, talking to girls, learning to be men… Joel’s parents had the very first VCR I ever saw in real life. Patrick’s father had the first PC I ever saw, back when you had to put a phone receiver on a docking station to connect to a network. Not the “internet”, but A network. Yeah, I’m old, kids…

Of course as high school came along, our paths started to drift a little… Joel’s career in the RC world took off like a rocket, while simultaneously getting suckered into playing football for the school team.

Pablo worked his ass off all through HS. Excellent grades (as if his mother would accept anything less!!) to get into college and the boy ALWAYS had a job. Always.

Myself, I would get eyeballs deep into music, forming bands and playing every house party and event that would let us, culminating in my first professional night club gig about a week before my 18th birthday, which was just a few days before (barely) graduating.

Our meandering paths would continue to cross over the decades and although sometimes there would be big gaps, whenever we’d reunite it was like no time had passed.

Patrick and I continue to get together from time to time to go for a surf or just hang out, but sadly it’s been a pretty darn long time since I’ve seen ol’ Joel. But since he’s the one that kicked this off by sending that pic out to Pablo, I think it’s high time I get off my butt and get in touch with him.

Hold on to your friends, people. I don’t mean farcebook friends, but REAL people that actually know you. Its difficult in modern life, but it’s important. The longer you wait, the harder it becomes so bite the bullet and dial the phone. Or send an email. Whatever. Personal relationships are precious and even if you’re lucky, you only get a few of them in life. Foster them, protect them, feed them.

This is not the way…

‘Cuz before you know it, you’ll be 40 years older, wondering “what ever happened to…?” Your life will be richer if you don’t have to ask those questions, but already know the answer.

Thanks for reading!

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